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Fall 2003 ASUCD Election

Caliph Assagai LEAD 327
Tony Yu Student Focus 297
James Ackerman Student Focus 272
Juan Carlos Sanchez LEAD 240
Chris Goren Student Focus 196
Dyanna Quizon LEAD 151
Kelsey Cassady Student Focus 140
Rajinder Sandhu Student Focus 131
Leticia Miller Student Focus 128
Mee Vang LEAD 128
Adriana Ramirez LEAD 120
Kenneth Bloom Independent 93
Xavier GdFaith Independent 89
Jared Vagy Independent 68
Wesley Ryan Independent 58
Benjamin Bidwell Independent 10
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 2448
Total Abstained Votes:
Total Voters (Turnout):


Note: Here is the breakdown for how each voting bloc ended up being represented in the Senate:

  • Student Focus gained 47.5% of first round votes and 50% of the Senate seats.
  • LEAD gained 39.5% of first round votes and 50% of the Senate seats.
  • Independents gained 13.0% of first round votes and 0% of the Senate seats.

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