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Fall 2004 ASUCD Election

Nafeh Malik Student Focus 400
Sean Ruel Student Focus 392
Keith Shively Independent 288
Thomas Lloyd LEAD 277
Brianna Haag Student Focus 273
Janine Fiel LEAD 234
Jonathon Leathers SOSSS 207
Parisa Manteghi Student Focus 193
Homer De Ala LEAD 180
Christina Chin Student Focus 173
Cory Good LEAD 165
Robert Baron Independent 135
Eduardo De La Torre LEAD 131
Derrick Prodigalidad Student Focus 130
Dana Davies-Shaw Independent 123
Spencer Higgins Independent 101
Pedro Hernandez Independent 72
Chad VanSchoelandt SOSSS 56
Christopher Rood SOSSS 31
Marie Huynh SOSSS 23
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 3584
Total Abstained Votes:
Total Voters (Turnout):


Note: Here is the breakdown for how each voting bloc ended up being represented in the Senate:

  • Student Focus gained 43.6% of first round votes and 50.0% of the Senate seats.
  • LEAD gained 27.5% of first round votes and 33.3% of the Senate seats.
  • Independents gained 20.1% of first round votes and 16.7% of the Senate seats.
  • SOSSS gained 8.8% of first round votes and 0% of the Senate seats.