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Fall 2007 ASUCD Election

Lula Ahmed-Falol LEAD 746
Chad Roberts LEAD 631
Joe Chatham Independent 505
Rebecca Lovell GO 430
Jesse Rosales GO 413
Andrew Kim GO 316
Tracey Zeng LEAD 307
Lauren Thomas LEAD 306
John Dreyer GO 303
Erin Harrington LEAD 269
Erika Perez GO 215
Johnathen Duran LEAD 138
Edward Baraona Independent 13
Turnout Information
Total Valid Votes: 4592
Total Abstained Votes: 21
Total Voters (Turnout): 4613


Note: Here is the breakdown for how each voting bloc ended up being represented in the Senate:

  • LEAD gained 52.2% of first round votes and 50% of the Senate seats.
  • GO gained 36.5% of first round votes and 33.3% of the Senate seats.
  • Independents gained 11.3% of first round votes and 16.7% of the Senate seats.

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