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Shared Voter Support for Winter 2013: Senate

It's interesting to see which candidates shared voter support, and how often voters carry their support from one candidate to another. We first show this for slates.

Shared Slate Support

There were 4 slates.


The 1022 voters ranking a BEST candidate first ranked a candidate on the following slates second:


The 807 voters ranking a BEST candidate second ranked a candidate on the following slates first:



The 703 voters ranking a Independent candidate first ranked a candidate on the following slates second:


The 371 voters ranking a Independent candidate second ranked a candidate on the following slates first:



The 2742 voters ranking a NOW candidate first ranked a candidate on the following slates second:


The 2081 voters ranking a NOW candidate second ranked a candidate on the following slates first:



The 1410 voters ranking a S.M.A.R.T. candidate first ranked a candidate on the following slates second:


The 1390 voters ranking a S.M.A.R.T. candidate second ranked a candidate on the following slates first:



The 1228 voters ranking a Exhausted candidate second ranked a candidate on the following slates first:


These are precisely the voters who ranked only one eligible candidate.

Shared Candidate Support

Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota (NOW)

The 568 voters ranking Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota first ranked the following candidates second:

Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue17.1%(97.0)
Ryan Wonders15.1%(86.0)
Chandler Hill12.1%(69.0)
Jonathan Yip7.4%(42.0)
Justin Dowdle3.2%(18.0)
Miles Thomas3.0%(17.0)
Reuben Torres2.8%(16.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.5%(14.0)
Iris Xie1.9%(11.0)
Roman Rivilis1.8%(10.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.8%(10.0)
Brendan Crotty1.8%(10.0)
Yee Xiong1.6%(9.0)
Marissa Ayala1.6%(9.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.4%(8.0)
Bryce Fick1.2%(7.0)
Evan Rothstein0.9%(5.0)
Joanna Villegas0.7%(4.0)

The 364 voters ranking Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Ryan Wonders23.4%(85.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue20.3%(74.0)
Jonathan Yip11.8%(43.0)
Chandler Hill10.2%(37.0)
Justin Dowdle8.0%(29.0)
Reuben Torres3.3%(12.0)
Brendan Crotty3.3%(12.0)
Marissa Ayala3.0%(11.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.7%(10.0)
Iris Xie2.5%(9.0)
Roman Rivilis1.9%(7.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.9%(7.0)
Miles Thomas1.9%(7.0)
Yee Xiong1.4%(5.0)
Joanna Villegas1.4%(5.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.4%(5.0)
Evan Rothstein0.8%(3.0)
Bryce Fick0.8%(3.0)

Araxya Movsisyan (Independent)

The 199 voters ranking Araxya Movsisyan first ranked the following candidates second:

Ryan Wonders9.0%(18.0)
Yee Xiong7.5%(15.0)
Joanna Villegas6.5%(13.0)
Marissa Ayala6.0%(12.0)
Reuben Torres5.0%(10.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota5.0%(10.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue4.5%(9.0)
Brittany Garzaniti3.5%(7.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim3.0%(6.0)
Jonathan Yip3.0%(6.0)
Roman Rivilis2.5%(5.0)
Iris Xie2.5%(5.0)
Chandler Hill2.5%(5.0)
Miles Thomas2.0%(4.0)
Evan Rothstein2.0%(4.0)
Brendan Crotty2.0%(4.0)
Bryce Fick1.5%(3.0)
Justin Dowdle0.5%(1.0)

The 104 voters ranking Araxya Movsisyan second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Ryan Wonders19.2%(20.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota13.5%(14.0)
Yee Xiong11.5%(12.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue9.6%(10.0)
Miles Thomas6.7%(7.0)
Marissa Ayala5.8%(6.0)
Reuben Torres4.8%(5.0)
Roman Rivilis3.8%(4.0)
Joanna Villegas3.8%(4.0)
Brendan Crotty3.8%(4.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.9%(3.0)
Jonathan Yip2.9%(3.0)
Chandler Hill2.9%(3.0)
Iris Xie1.9%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein1.9%(2.0)
Bryce Fick1.9%(2.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.9%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle1.0%(1.0)

Brendan Crotty (BEST)

The 213 voters ranking Brendan Crotty first ranked the following candidates second:

Miles Thomas12.2%(26.0)
Ryan Wonders9.9%(21.0)
Evan Rothstein8.5%(18.0)
Marissa Ayala7.0%(15.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue6.1%(13.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota5.6%(12.0)
Chandler Hill5.2%(11.0)
Roman Rivilis4.7%(10.0)
Reuben Torres4.2%(9.0)
Bryce Fick4.2%(9.0)
Jonathan Yip3.8%(8.0)
Iris Xie3.8%(8.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.8%(6.0)
Justin Dowdle1.9%(4.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.9%(4.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.4%(3.0)
Joanna Villegas0.9%(2.0)
Yee Xiong0.5%(1.0)

The 208 voters ranking Brendan Crotty second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Miles Thomas19.7%(41.0)
Ryan Wonders14.4%(30.0)
Evan Rothstein10.1%(21.0)
Chandler Hill6.7%(14.0)
Reuben Torres6.3%(13.0)
Roman Rivilis5.8%(12.0)
Marissa Ayala5.8%(12.0)
Jonathan Yip5.8%(12.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue4.8%(10.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota4.8%(10.0)
Bryce Fick4.3%(9.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.4%(5.0)
Iris Xie1.9%(4.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.9%(4.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.9%(4.0)
Justin Dowdle1.4%(3.0)
Joanna Villegas1.4%(3.0)
Yee Xiong0.5%(1.0)

Brittany Garzaniti (S.M.A.R.T.)

The 126 voters ranking Brittany Garzaniti first ranked the following candidates second:

Joanna Villegas20.6%(26.0)
Reuben Torres16.7%(21.0)
Yee Xiong12.7%(16.0)
Iris Xie11.9%(15.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue6.3%(8.0)
Ryan Wonders4.0%(5.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota4.0%(5.0)
Brendan Crotty3.2%(4.0)
Chandler Hill2.4%(3.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.6%(2.0)
Miles Thomas1.6%(2.0)
Marissa Ayala1.6%(2.0)
Jonathan Yip1.6%(2.0)
Bryce Fick1.6%(2.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.6%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein0.8%(1.0)
Roman Rivilis0.0%(0.0)
Justin Dowdle0.0%(0.0)

The 189 voters ranking Brittany Garzaniti second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Joanna Villegas25.9%(49.0)
Iris Xie15.3%(29.0)
Yee Xiong13.2%(25.0)
Reuben Torres12.7%(24.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue5.8%(11.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota5.3%(10.0)
Ryan Wonders4.8%(9.0)
Araxya Movsisyan3.7%(7.0)
Jonathan Yip2.6%(5.0)
Chandler Hill2.6%(5.0)
Miles Thomas2.1%(4.0)
Roman Rivilis1.6%(3.0)
Brendan Crotty1.6%(3.0)
Marissa Ayala1.1%(2.0)
Bryce Fick1.1%(2.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim0.5%(1.0)
Justin Dowdle0.0%(0.0)
Evan Rothstein0.0%(0.0)

Bryce Fick (BEST)

The 78 voters ranking Bryce Fick first ranked the following candidates second:

Chandler Hill12.8%(10.0)
Brendan Crotty11.5%(9.0)
Miles Thomas10.3%(8.0)
Ryan Wonders9.0%(7.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue7.7%(6.0)
Reuben Torres5.1%(4.0)
Marissa Ayala5.1%(4.0)
Joanna Villegas5.1%(4.0)
Evan Rothstein5.1%(4.0)
Roman Rivilis3.8%(3.0)
Jonathan Yip3.8%(3.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota3.8%(3.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.6%(2.0)
Iris Xie2.6%(2.0)
Brittany Garzaniti2.6%(2.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.6%(2.0)
Yee Xiong1.3%(1.0)
Justin Dowdle1.3%(1.0)

The 102 voters ranking Bryce Fick second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Miles Thomas17.6%(18.0)
Jonathan Yip9.8%(10.0)
Brendan Crotty8.8%(9.0)
Ryan Wonders7.8%(8.0)
Roman Rivilis7.8%(8.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota6.9%(7.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue5.9%(6.0)
Chandler Hill5.9%(6.0)
Iris Xie4.9%(5.0)
Reuben Torres3.9%(4.0)
Marissa Ayala3.9%(4.0)
Justin Dowdle3.9%(4.0)
Evan Rothstein3.9%(4.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.9%(3.0)
Yee Xiong2.0%(2.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.0%(2.0)
Brittany Garzaniti2.0%(2.0)
Joanna Villegas0.0%(0.0)

Chandler Hill (NOW)

The 318 voters ranking Chandler Hill first ranked the following candidates second:

Ryan Wonders19.2%(61.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue12.3%(39.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota11.6%(37.0)
Jonathan Yip8.2%(26.0)
Brendan Crotty4.4%(14.0)
Roman Rivilis3.5%(11.0)
Justin Dowdle3.5%(11.0)
Iris Xie3.1%(10.0)
Miles Thomas2.5%(8.0)
Yee Xiong2.2%(7.0)
Marissa Ayala2.2%(7.0)
Bryce Fick1.9%(6.0)
Reuben Torres1.6%(5.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.6%(5.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.6%(5.0)
Joanna Villegas0.9%(3.0)
Araxya Movsisyan0.9%(3.0)
Evan Rothstein0.6%(2.0)

The 304 voters ranking Chandler Hill second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota22.7%(69.0)
Ryan Wonders21.7%(66.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue11.2%(34.0)
Jonathan Yip10.9%(33.0)
Justin Dowdle8.9%(27.0)
Miles Thomas3.6%(11.0)
Brendan Crotty3.6%(11.0)
Bryce Fick3.3%(10.0)
Reuben Torres3.0%(9.0)
Iris Xie2.3%(7.0)
Roman Rivilis1.6%(5.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.6%(5.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.6%(5.0)
Marissa Ayala1.3%(4.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.0%(3.0)
Yee Xiong0.7%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein0.7%(2.0)
Joanna Villegas0.3%(1.0)

Evan Rothstein (BEST)

The 88 voters ranking Evan Rothstein first ranked the following candidates second:

Brendan Crotty23.9%(21.0)
Miles Thomas18.2%(16.0)
Marissa Ayala12.5%(11.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue9.1%(8.0)
Reuben Torres4.5%(4.0)
Jonathan Yip4.5%(4.0)
Bryce Fick4.5%(4.0)
Ryan Wonders3.4%(3.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota3.4%(3.0)
Roman Rivilis2.3%(2.0)
Chandler Hill2.3%(2.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.3%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle1.1%(1.0)
Yee Xiong0.0%(0.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim0.0%(0.0)
Joanna Villegas0.0%(0.0)
Iris Xie0.0%(0.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.0%(0.0)

The 116 voters ranking Evan Rothstein second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Miles Thomas23.3%(27.0)
Marissa Ayala18.1%(21.0)
Brendan Crotty15.5%(18.0)
Ryan Wonders7.8%(9.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim6.0%(7.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue5.2%(6.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota4.3%(5.0)
Bryce Fick3.4%(4.0)
Araxya Movsisyan3.4%(4.0)
Reuben Torres2.6%(3.0)
Roman Rivilis1.7%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle1.7%(2.0)
Jonathan Yip1.7%(2.0)
Iris Xie1.7%(2.0)
Chandler Hill1.7%(2.0)
Joanna Villegas0.9%(1.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.9%(1.0)
Yee Xiong0.0%(0.0)

Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue (NOW)

The 462 voters ranking Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue first ranked the following candidates second:

Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota16.0%(74.0)
Ryan Wonders14.7%(68.0)
Reuben Torres14.3%(66.0)
Jonathan Yip7.6%(35.0)
Chandler Hill7.4%(34.0)
Justin Dowdle5.8%(27.0)
Miles Thomas3.0%(14.0)
Joanna Villegas2.8%(13.0)
Yee Xiong2.6%(12.0)
Brittany Garzaniti2.4%(11.0)
Brendan Crotty2.2%(10.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.2%(10.0)
Marissa Ayala1.7%(8.0)
Iris Xie1.3%(6.0)
Evan Rothstein1.3%(6.0)
Bryce Fick1.3%(6.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.1%(5.0)
Roman Rivilis0.9%(4.0)

The 490 voters ranking Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Ryan Wonders23.9%(117.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota19.8%(97.0)
Jonathan Yip10.4%(51.0)
Reuben Torres8.4%(41.0)
Chandler Hill8.0%(39.0)
Justin Dowdle5.1%(25.0)
Miles Thomas4.7%(23.0)
Marissa Ayala3.5%(17.0)
Brendan Crotty2.7%(13.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.2%(11.0)
Yee Xiong2.0%(10.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.8%(9.0)
Roman Rivilis1.6%(8.0)
Evan Rothstein1.6%(8.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.6%(8.0)
Bryce Fick1.2%(6.0)
Iris Xie1.0%(5.0)
Joanna Villegas0.4%(2.0)

Iris Xie (S.M.A.R.T.)

The 263 voters ranking Iris Xie first ranked the following candidates second:

Yee Xiong28.5%(75.0)
Joanna Villegas13.3%(35.0)
Brittany Garzaniti11.0%(29.0)
Reuben Torres10.3%(27.0)
Jonathan Yip4.2%(11.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota3.4%(9.0)
Chandler Hill2.7%(7.0)
Ryan Wonders1.9%(5.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue1.9%(5.0)
Bryce Fick1.9%(5.0)
Roman Rivilis1.5%(4.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.5%(4.0)
Brendan Crotty1.5%(4.0)
Miles Thomas1.1%(3.0)
Marissa Ayala0.8%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle0.8%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein0.8%(2.0)
Araxya Movsisyan0.8%(2.0)

The 249 voters ranking Iris Xie second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Yee Xiong30.1%(75.0)
Joanna Villegas17.3%(43.0)
Reuben Torres12.9%(32.0)
Brittany Garzaniti6.0%(15.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota4.4%(11.0)
Chandler Hill4.0%(10.0)
Miles Thomas3.6%(9.0)
Ryan Wonders3.2%(8.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim3.2%(8.0)
Jonathan Yip3.2%(8.0)
Brendan Crotty3.2%(8.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue2.4%(6.0)
Marissa Ayala2.0%(5.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.0%(5.0)
Roman Rivilis0.8%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle0.8%(2.0)
Bryce Fick0.8%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein0.0%(0.0)

Joanna Villegas (S.M.A.R.T.)

The 245 voters ranking Joanna Villegas first ranked the following candidates second:

Brittany Garzaniti20.0%(49.0)
Reuben Torres19.2%(47.0)
Yee Xiong18.0%(44.0)
Iris Xie17.6%(43.0)
Marissa Ayala3.3%(8.0)
Ryan Wonders2.4%(6.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota2.0%(5.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.6%(4.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.2%(3.0)
Brendan Crotty1.2%(3.0)
Roman Rivilis0.8%(2.0)
Jonathan Yip0.8%(2.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue0.8%(2.0)
Miles Thomas0.4%(1.0)
Justin Dowdle0.4%(1.0)
Evan Rothstein0.4%(1.0)
Chandler Hill0.4%(1.0)
Bryce Fick0.0%(0.0)

The 192 voters ranking Joanna Villegas second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Yee Xiong18.2%(35.0)
Iris Xie18.2%(35.0)
Reuben Torres16.1%(31.0)
Brittany Garzaniti13.5%(26.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue6.8%(13.0)
Araxya Movsisyan6.8%(13.0)
Marissa Ayala3.6%(7.0)
Jonathan Yip3.1%(6.0)
Ryan Wonders2.6%(5.0)
Roman Rivilis2.1%(4.0)
Bryce Fick2.1%(4.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota2.1%(4.0)
Miles Thomas1.6%(3.0)
Chandler Hill1.6%(3.0)
Brendan Crotty1.0%(2.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim0.5%(1.0)
Justin Dowdle0.0%(0.0)
Evan Rothstein0.0%(0.0)

Jonathan Yip (NOW)

The 429 voters ranking Jonathan Yip first ranked the following candidates second:

Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue11.9%(51.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota10.0%(43.0)
Ryan Wonders9.6%(41.0)
Chandler Hill7.7%(33.0)
Yee Xiong5.6%(24.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim4.7%(20.0)
Reuben Torres3.5%(15.0)
Roman Rivilis3.3%(14.0)
Miles Thomas3.3%(14.0)
Brendan Crotty2.8%(12.0)
Justin Dowdle2.6%(11.0)
Bryce Fick2.3%(10.0)
Marissa Ayala2.1%(9.0)
Iris Xie1.9%(8.0)
Joanna Villegas1.4%(6.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.2%(5.0)
Araxya Movsisyan0.7%(3.0)
Evan Rothstein0.5%(2.0)

The 309 voters ranking Jonathan Yip second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Ryan Wonders20.1%(62.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota13.6%(42.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue11.3%(35.0)
Miles Thomas9.4%(29.0)
Chandler Hill8.4%(26.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim6.5%(20.0)
Yee Xiong5.5%(17.0)
Roman Rivilis3.9%(12.0)
Justin Dowdle3.9%(12.0)
Iris Xie3.6%(11.0)
Reuben Torres3.2%(10.0)
Marissa Ayala2.6%(8.0)
Brendan Crotty2.6%(8.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.9%(6.0)
Evan Rothstein1.3%(4.0)
Bryce Fick1.0%(3.0)
Joanna Villegas0.6%(2.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.6%(2.0)

Justin Dowdle (NOW)

The 204 voters ranking Justin Dowdle first ranked the following candidates second:

Ryan Wonders18.6%(38.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota14.2%(29.0)
Chandler Hill13.2%(27.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue12.3%(25.0)
Jonathan Yip5.9%(12.0)
Reuben Torres2.5%(5.0)
Bryce Fick2.0%(4.0)
Marissa Ayala1.5%(3.0)
Brendan Crotty1.5%(3.0)
Roman Rivilis1.0%(2.0)
Iris Xie1.0%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein1.0%(2.0)
Yee Xiong0.5%(1.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim0.5%(1.0)
Miles Thomas0.5%(1.0)
Araxya Movsisyan0.5%(1.0)
Joanna Villegas0.0%(0.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.0%(0.0)

The 140 voters ranking Justin Dowdle second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Ryan Wonders31.4%(44.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue19.3%(27.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota12.9%(18.0)
Jonathan Yip7.9%(11.0)
Chandler Hill7.9%(11.0)
Marissa Ayala5.0%(7.0)
Brendan Crotty2.9%(4.0)
Roman Rivilis2.1%(3.0)
Reuben Torres2.1%(3.0)
Miles Thomas2.1%(3.0)
Yee Xiong1.4%(2.0)
Iris Xie1.4%(2.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim0.7%(1.0)
Joanna Villegas0.7%(1.0)
Evan Rothstein0.7%(1.0)
Bryce Fick0.7%(1.0)
Araxya Movsisyan0.7%(1.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.0%(0.0)

Marissa Ayala (BEST)

The 251 voters ranking Marissa Ayala first ranked the following candidates second:

Miles Thomas12.0%(30.0)
Evan Rothstein8.4%(21.0)
Ryan Wonders7.2%(18.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue6.8%(17.0)
Yee Xiong4.8%(12.0)
Brendan Crotty4.8%(12.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota4.4%(11.0)
Jonathan Yip3.2%(8.0)
Justin Dowdle2.8%(7.0)
Joanna Villegas2.8%(7.0)
Roman Rivilis2.4%(6.0)
Reuben Torres2.4%(6.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.4%(6.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.4%(6.0)
Iris Xie2.0%(5.0)
Chandler Hill1.6%(4.0)
Bryce Fick1.6%(4.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.8%(2.0)

The 175 voters ranking Marissa Ayala second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Miles Thomas24.6%(43.0)
Ryan Wonders14.9%(26.0)
Brendan Crotty8.6%(15.0)
Araxya Movsisyan6.9%(12.0)
Evan Rothstein6.3%(11.0)
Jonathan Yip5.1%(9.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota5.1%(9.0)
Joanna Villegas4.6%(8.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue4.6%(8.0)
Chandler Hill4.0%(7.0)
Yee Xiong2.9%(5.0)
Reuben Torres2.3%(4.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.3%(4.0)
Bryce Fick2.3%(4.0)
Roman Rivilis1.7%(3.0)
Justin Dowdle1.7%(3.0)
Iris Xie1.1%(2.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.1%(2.0)

Miles Thomas (BEST)

The 392 voters ranking Miles Thomas first ranked the following candidates second:

Marissa Ayala11.0%(43.0)
Brendan Crotty10.5%(41.0)
Jonathan Yip7.4%(29.0)
Evan Rothstein6.9%(27.0)
Roman Rivilis6.6%(26.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue5.9%(23.0)
Ryan Wonders5.6%(22.0)
Bryce Fick4.6%(18.0)
Reuben Torres4.3%(17.0)
Yee Xiong3.3%(13.0)
Chandler Hill2.8%(11.0)
Iris Xie2.3%(9.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.0%(8.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.8%(7.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota1.8%(7.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.0%(4.0)
Justin Dowdle0.8%(3.0)
Joanna Villegas0.8%(3.0)

The 206 voters ranking Miles Thomas second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Marissa Ayala14.6%(30.0)
Brendan Crotty12.6%(26.0)
Ryan Wonders10.2%(21.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota8.3%(17.0)
Roman Rivilis7.8%(16.0)
Evan Rothstein7.8%(16.0)
Jonathan Yip6.8%(14.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue6.8%(14.0)
Yee Xiong4.9%(10.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim3.9%(8.0)
Chandler Hill3.9%(8.0)
Bryce Fick3.9%(8.0)
Reuben Torres3.4%(7.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.9%(4.0)
Iris Xie1.5%(3.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.0%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle0.5%(1.0)
Joanna Villegas0.5%(1.0)

Nicole 'Nikki' Kim (Independent)

The 332 voters ranking Nicole 'Nikki' Kim first ranked the following candidates second:

Ryan Wonders6.9%(23.0)
Yee Xiong6.3%(21.0)
Jonathan Yip6.0%(20.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue3.3%(11.0)
Reuben Torres2.4%(8.0)
Miles Thomas2.4%(8.0)
Iris Xie2.4%(8.0)
Evan Rothstein2.1%(7.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota2.1%(7.0)
Roman Rivilis1.5%(5.0)
Chandler Hill1.5%(5.0)
Brendan Crotty1.5%(5.0)
Marissa Ayala1.2%(4.0)
Araxya Movsisyan0.9%(3.0)
Bryce Fick0.6%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle0.3%(1.0)
Joanna Villegas0.3%(1.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.3%(1.0)

The 122 voters ranking Nicole 'Nikki' Kim second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Jonathan Yip16.4%(20.0)
Yee Xiong13.9%(17.0)
Ryan Wonders8.2%(10.0)
Roman Rivilis8.2%(10.0)
Reuben Torres7.4%(9.0)
Miles Thomas6.6%(8.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota6.6%(8.0)
Marissa Ayala4.9%(6.0)
Brendan Crotty4.9%(6.0)
Araxya Movsisyan4.9%(6.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue4.1%(5.0)
Chandler Hill4.1%(5.0)
Iris Xie3.3%(4.0)
Joanna Villegas2.5%(3.0)
Bryce Fick1.6%(2.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.6%(2.0)
Justin Dowdle0.8%(1.0)
Evan Rothstein0.0%(0.0)

Reuben Torres (S.M.A.R.T.)

The 369 voters ranking Reuben Torres first ranked the following candidates second:

Yee Xiong22.0%(81.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue11.1%(41.0)
Iris Xie8.7%(32.0)
Joanna Villegas8.4%(31.0)
Ryan Wonders7.3%(27.0)
Brittany Garzaniti6.5%(24.0)
Brendan Crotty3.5%(13.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota3.3%(12.0)
Jonathan Yip2.7%(10.0)
Roman Rivilis2.4%(9.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.4%(9.0)
Chandler Hill2.4%(9.0)
Miles Thomas1.9%(7.0)
Araxya Movsisyan1.4%(5.0)
Marissa Ayala1.1%(4.0)
Bryce Fick1.1%(4.0)
Justin Dowdle0.8%(3.0)
Evan Rothstein0.8%(3.0)

The 407 voters ranking Reuben Torres second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Yee Xiong26.8%(109.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue16.2%(66.0)
Joanna Villegas11.5%(47.0)
Ryan Wonders7.4%(30.0)
Iris Xie6.6%(27.0)
Brittany Garzaniti5.2%(21.0)
Miles Thomas4.2%(17.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota3.9%(16.0)
Jonathan Yip3.7%(15.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.5%(10.0)
Brendan Crotty2.2%(9.0)
Roman Rivilis2.0%(8.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim2.0%(8.0)
Marissa Ayala1.5%(6.0)
Justin Dowdle1.2%(5.0)
Chandler Hill1.2%(5.0)
Evan Rothstein1.0%(4.0)
Bryce Fick1.0%(4.0)

Roman Rivilis (Independent)

The 172 voters ranking Roman Rivilis first ranked the following candidates second:

Miles Thomas9.3%(16.0)
Ryan Wonders8.7%(15.0)
Jonathan Yip7.0%(12.0)
Brendan Crotty7.0%(12.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim5.8%(10.0)
Reuben Torres4.7%(8.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue4.7%(8.0)
Bryce Fick4.7%(8.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota4.1%(7.0)
Chandler Hill2.9%(5.0)
Yee Xiong2.3%(4.0)
Joanna Villegas2.3%(4.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.3%(4.0)
Marissa Ayala1.7%(3.0)
Justin Dowdle1.7%(3.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.7%(3.0)
Iris Xie1.2%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein1.2%(2.0)

The 145 voters ranking Roman Rivilis second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Ryan Wonders17.9%(26.0)
Miles Thomas17.9%(26.0)
Jonathan Yip9.7%(14.0)
Chandler Hill7.6%(11.0)
Brendan Crotty6.9%(10.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota6.9%(10.0)
Reuben Torres6.2%(9.0)
Yee Xiong4.1%(6.0)
Marissa Ayala4.1%(6.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim3.4%(5.0)
Araxya Movsisyan3.4%(5.0)
Iris Xie2.8%(4.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue2.8%(4.0)
Bryce Fick2.1%(3.0)
Justin Dowdle1.4%(2.0)
Joanna Villegas1.4%(2.0)
Evan Rothstein1.4%(2.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.0%(0.0)

Ryan Wonders (NOW)

The 761 voters ranking Ryan Wonders first ranked the following candidates second:

Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue15.4%(117.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota11.2%(85.0)
Chandler Hill8.7%(66.0)
Jonathan Yip8.1%(62.0)
Justin Dowdle5.8%(44.0)
Reuben Torres3.9%(30.0)
Brendan Crotty3.9%(30.0)
Roman Rivilis3.4%(26.0)
Marissa Ayala3.4%(26.0)
Miles Thomas2.8%(21.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.6%(20.0)
Yee Xiong2.2%(17.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim1.3%(10.0)
Evan Rothstein1.2%(9.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.2%(9.0)
Iris Xie1.1%(8.0)
Bryce Fick1.1%(8.0)
Joanna Villegas0.7%(5.0)

The 474 voters ranking Ryan Wonders second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota18.1%(86.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue14.3%(68.0)
Chandler Hill12.9%(61.0)
Jonathan Yip8.6%(41.0)
Justin Dowdle8.0%(38.0)
Reuben Torres5.7%(27.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim4.9%(23.0)
Miles Thomas4.6%(22.0)
Brendan Crotty4.4%(21.0)
Marissa Ayala3.8%(18.0)
Araxya Movsisyan3.8%(18.0)
Roman Rivilis3.2%(15.0)
Yee Xiong2.1%(10.0)
Bryce Fick1.5%(7.0)
Joanna Villegas1.3%(6.0)
Iris Xie1.1%(5.0)
Brittany Garzaniti1.1%(5.0)
Evan Rothstein0.6%(3.0)

Yee Xiong (S.M.A.R.T.)

The 407 voters ranking Yee Xiong first ranked the following candidates second:

Reuben Torres26.8%(109.0)
Iris Xie18.4%(75.0)
Joanna Villegas8.6%(35.0)
Brittany Garzaniti6.1%(25.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim4.2%(17.0)
Jonathan Yip4.2%(17.0)
Araxya Movsisyan2.9%(12.0)
Ryan Wonders2.5%(10.0)
Miles Thomas2.5%(10.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue2.5%(10.0)
Roman Rivilis1.5%(6.0)
Marissa Ayala1.2%(5.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota1.2%(5.0)
Justin Dowdle0.5%(2.0)
Chandler Hill0.5%(2.0)
Bryce Fick0.5%(2.0)
Brendan Crotty0.2%(1.0)
Evan Rothstein0.0%(0.0)

The 353 voters ranking Yee Xiong second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Reuben Torres22.9%(81.0)
Iris Xie21.2%(75.0)
Joanna Villegas12.5%(44.0)
Jonathan Yip6.8%(24.0)
Nicole 'Nikki' Kim5.9%(21.0)
Ryan Wonders4.8%(17.0)
Brittany Garzaniti4.5%(16.0)
Araxya Movsisyan4.2%(15.0)
Miles Thomas3.7%(13.0)
Marissa Ayala3.4%(12.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue3.4%(12.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota2.5%(9.0)
Chandler Hill2.0%(7.0)
Roman Rivilis1.1%(4.0)
Justin Dowdle0.3%(1.0)
Bryce Fick0.3%(1.0)
Brendan Crotty0.3%(1.0)
Evan Rothstein0.0%(0.0)


The 1228 voters ranking Exhausted second ranked the following candidates ranked first:

Nicole 'Nikki' Kim15.6%(192.0)
Ryan Wonders13.7%(168.0)
Amrit 'Kaur' Sahota10.3%(126.0)
Jonathan Yip8.8%(108.0)
Miles Thomas6.6%(81.0)
Marissa Ayala5.6%(69.0)
Yee Xiong5.2%(64.0)
Araxya Movsisyan5.0%(62.0)
Chandler Hill4.7%(58.0)
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga Ngue4.3%(53.0)
Justin Dowdle3.9%(48.0)
Roman Rivilis3.7%(46.0)
Reuben Torres3.7%(45.0)
Brendan Crotty2.7%(33.0)
Iris Xie2.6%(32.0)
Joanna Villegas1.9%(23.0)
Brittany Garzaniti0.8%(10.0)
Evan Rothstein0.6%(7.0)
Bryce Fick0.2%(3.0)

These are precisely the voters who ranked only one eligible candidate.


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This report was generated by StoveTopTM, a program for tallying STV choice voting elections. Chris Jerdonek and Philip Neustrom created StoveTop in late February 2005. They modified pSTV, an open-source Python program created by Jeffrey O'Neill.